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For the care and repair of your Pianola.

Servicing, repairs and full restorations undertaken.
I work to a very high standard using well proven traditional methods and
While my prices reflect this high standard you will find them to be pleasingly realistic when compared
to some of the competition.
I provide a 2 year guarantee on all Pianola action restorations as
a matter of course.
Steck Pedal Electric Duo Art

For Sale:

Two Weber upright Duo Arts one with pedals the other electric only.

Available for sale or hire.

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ebay sniper

Wilcox and White ‘Angelus’ Player

Melville Clarke 58 note push up player

Steck Duo Art

Rachals Autopiano

Steck Half Duo Art


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Simplex action

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Some points to consider before having your pianola restored:

*Most expensive is not necessarily best. I have over the years, worked on a number of pianolas that had previously been restored at great expense and it has become clear that these restorations were very poor and incomplete, (see *marked items on the ‘Pictures’ page) leaving unfortunate owners with no choice but to spend more money having the resulting problems rectified. A good restoration should last at least a generation, say 30 - 40 years with normal usage and maintenance. I automatically give a 2 year guarantee on all major restorations to give the instrument time to settle in and deal with any minor teething problems that might arise.

*Do not allow your pianola to be removed from your house before a firm price for the job is given, it will be more difficult and expensive to have it returned when you discover how much some restorers expect you to pay for a full restoration.

A competent technician will be able to make an accurate assessment of work required and costs, on site.

I charge £80 plus 50 pence a mile for a full written assessment which I refund if you decide to go ahead.

*In the current market restoration of your pianola is sadly not usually a sound financial proposition. They are rarely, if ever worth the cost of restoration. The labour intensive nature of a good restoration means the work will never be cheap, though neither does it have to be vastly expensive. In my experience most customers have their pianolas restored for sentimental reasons and to leave them for the next generation to enjoy and will justify the cost of restoration by the many more years of entertainment their restored pianola will provide. Apart from the enormous enjoyment pianolas give they are also complete musical instruments in their own right and will, with practice, enable you to play your own interpretation of favourite piano pieces.

*Be clear about what you want to have done and avoid being talked into doing more than originally agreed. The average pianola does not need to be brought up to concert standard for it to give many more years of trouble free service. Although of course it can be if that is what you want!


If you have used my services in the past and wish to leave a comment or for any other enquiries please send me an email by

clicking here

While I aim to reply to all correspondence promptly, there may, at times, be a delay due to my work commitments. If this is the case, your patience would be appreciated, I will get back to you.

Gotha Steck

Click on the video clip to see how music rolls are made.

Sir Herbert Marshall and Rose player

finished in white polyester

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Hopkinson Player Action

Cramer Metalnola


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Kimball Model F Spinet

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‘Broadwood’ 65 note push up player

Hupfeld Ronisch Solophonola

Weber Duo Art

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